What is ENDVEST Fund

ENDVEST Fund provides preferred access to a universe of real estate and alternative impact driven investment opportunities to help achieve their investment objectives.

What We Do

Investment Strategy

We seek top performance through a value add and development investment strategy prioritizing high growth and return on investment, targeting superior urban submarkets of the fastest growing major metropolitan areas. The strategy further, seeks supply-constrained markets with vibrant job and economic growth.

Institutional Quality Investments

We provide our clients with a range of quality real estate and alternative investment opportunities to meet both short and long-term return objectives. We construct institutional quality from several variables: cost to operating yield, market rate risk, supply vs demand, capital availability, local market health, sentiment and regulation.

Transparency & Due Diligence

We deliver through our technology platform superior transparency and due diligence information. Our advanced technology and Investor Dashboard connects our clients to all available due diligence information for a project or investment.

Project Management

We take a proactive stance in development and asset management to capitalize on the investment opportunity and mitigate risk. We work hand-in-hand with our developers and operating partners during planning, development and operational phases to ensure success on behalf of our investors.

How it Works


Review Projects

We are constantly updating our deal pipeline. Think of ENDVEST Fund as an extension of your investment management team. We sift through the noise and provide access to superior quality deal flow.


Get Access to Data Deal Room

If you would like more information regarding a project, complete & submit the 'Contact Us' form on the project page. You will be requested to electronically sign an NDA. Once completed, you will be given access to the investment package and full details.


Complete Investment & Track Returns

When you are ready to invest, ENDVEST Fund will help facilitate the full investment process. Once vested, you and your team will be able to track and maintain the investment through your ENDVEST Investor Dashboard.

Projects Seeking Investment

Browse the project teaser pages. If you would like more information, complete the project Contact Form to sign the NDA and get access to the Deal Room.

Cannabis Campus Adapative Reuse Leasehold

Equity & Debt Opportunity

Investment Highlights
Class: Comm/Industrial Leasehold 
Deal Size: $20,000,000
Equity Raise: $20,000,000
IRR: +55.0%
Equity Multiple: 3.0 - 4.0x
Term Period: 4 or 6 Years

Yuba City Residential Rental

2 Multi-Family Developments 45m from Sacramento

Equity Opportunity

Investment Highlights
Class: Residential Rentals
Deal Size: $45,000,000
Equity Raise: $9,000,000
IRR: 32.5%
Equity Multiple: 1.64x
Investment Period 2 Years

Preferred JV Equity Investment

3 Multi-Family Developments in SF Bay Area

Equity & Debt Opportunity

Investment Highlights
Class: Residential Rentals
Deal Size: $102,000,000
Equity Raise: $30,000,000
Debt Raise: $68,000,000
IRR: 27.0%
Term Period: 24 Months

Organic Olive Tree Farm

3600 Acres in Blythe, CA with Water Rights

Equity Opportunity

Investment Highlights
Class: Farm/Agro Assets 
Deal Size: $20,000,000
Equity Raise: $7,600,000
IRR: 21.1%
Equity Multiple: 4.3x
Term Period: 10 Years

New Resi Rentals & Condos

Multi-Family Projects around Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

Equity & Debt Opportunity

Investment Highlights
Class: Resi For Sale Condos 
Deal Size: $17,000,000
Equity Raise: $5,000,000
Debt Raise: $12,000,000
IRR: 30 - 40%
Term Period: 24 Months

Industrial Greenhouse Facility

Imperial Valley, CA w/ On-Site Renewable Power Plant

Equity & Debt Opportunity

Investment Highlights
Class: Industrial Farming 
Deal Size: $100,000,000
Equity Raise: $40,000,000
Debt Raise: $60,000,000
IRR: 30.0%
Term Period: 3 - 5 Years

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Our Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Jack has been recognized as an innovative and successful real estate manager, broker, developer and conversion expert. An entrepreneur over the past four decades, Jack has created and managed many businesses that have become leaders in their industries.

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Co-Founder & President

Drew is a member of the investment committee and his responsibilities include capital market partnerships, deal origination and underwriting. Drew has 18 years of experience in real estate and has acquired, developed, and financed billions of dollars of real estate.

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Co-Founder & CTO

David has designed systems for property management, development and residential conversions. He has developed systems for real estate companies to manage and improve due diligence procedures and assure best practices and compliance.

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